Semantic Archive Platform

Semantic Archive Platform is a flagship platform for data collection, intellectual analysis and visualization

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Semantic Archive Platform is one of the main products of the company. This powerful solution helps to obtain valuable information of various types from different sources, extract knowledge and organize it, streamline the circulation of knowledge and prevent its loss. Semantic Archive Platform consolidates large amounts
of fragmented data, processes it and presents the results in a friendly format. Semantic Archive Platform helps to achieve the purpose fast and improve
the efficiency of performance.
Scheme of Semantic Archive Platform

1. Data collection and integration
  • Using search agents (crawlers), which automatically search the Internet, online and internal databases as well as organization's text archives.
  • Web-agents monitor news portals, websites of public organizations, corporate websites, social networks, blogs and forums.
Our basic software package contains preset web-agents for thousands of media sources, hundreds of online databases, search engines (Google, Yandex), social networks (Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, etc.) and others.
2. Knowledge extraction and accumulation
  • Automatic extraction of important objects from texts (persons, organizations, projects, brands, etc.)
  • Automatic extraction of facts, events and relationships, converting unstructured data into structured.
Semantic Archive Ontology Editor module allows to customize the database ontology by adding and editing objects, facts and their properties. Search within 30 countries and translate into 15 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Hebrew, English and etc.
3. Visualization and Analysis
  • Presentation of information in the most convenient form for perception: semantic networks, wide range of text reports and profiles, geographic maps and diagrams.
  • Analysis of transactions: financial operations, bank transfers, phone calls, emails, messages, trips, etc.
Сreate knowledge bases on the object or topic of interest. Search links between objects (persons or organizations). Semantic Archive helps to make discoveries every day.

Semantic Networks
Vivid networks display semantic relations between objects
Media Digests
Automatic generation of various digests with statistical diagrams
Geographic Maps
Setting geo-location to objects and facts, displaying them on the map
Graphs and Diagrams
Graphs and diagrams of all sorts with drilldown from objects to sources
Different kinds of reports, personal and company profiles with links to the facts and relations to other objects and sources
Creation of various data panels using
sets of widgets

Text mining
Obtaining valuable information from a large number of unstructured texts
All open sources of information provided in the system: mass media, forums, online databases, etc.
Vivid representation of information in the form of networks (schemes), diagrams, maps and digests
Entity search & extraction
Automated object search and extraction of entities of different kind: persons, organizations, brands, etc.
Facts extraction
Automated extraction of facts, events and relations between objects of interest
Ontological model
Special module for adjusting ontologic models (no programming skills needed)
Web data extraction
Automatic web data monitoring and extraction
Creating various dashboards with the use of widgets. Different types of tasks and topics available (including info from third-party databases and applications)
Generation of special media wiki reports enabling to point out interesting relations between objects throughout the documents

Compliance check
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Background check
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Web Intelligence
  • Deep Web Intelligence providing with direct access to local and international news
  • Media monitoring
  • Monitoring of social networks, message boards and blogs

Analytical research 360°
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Complex research of companies, holdings, corporations
  • Due diligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Criminal and financial investigations
  • Fraud analysis

Law enforcement
Industrial and commercial companies
Departments of Science & Technology
Marketing, analytical and PR agencies

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